Q: How many photos will you get?

A: All of photos which we shoot on that day.

Q: When will you get the photos or videos?


A: You will receive the photos 45 days after the event. For the video, you will receive after you select the song for highlight version.

Q: How different between High resolution & Low resolution photos?


A: High resolution photos for large photos printing. Low resolution photos for posting in social media.

Q: How could you receive the photos or videos?


A: We will send via Dropbox link which is backed up for 1 year after sent.

Q: Which hours packages should you select?

 A: We would recommend 8 hours package. Therefore it will cover when bride and groom dress up until start after party. However, it’s depends on the event style and client’s needs.

Q: When we start for event shooting?

A: Actually it’s depends on clients but normally we start when bride makes up.

Q: Do we service other types of events?

A: Absolutely, we also do others such as couples, families, pre- wedding, presentations and so forth.